Mike Carey



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The following is a list of the works of Mike Carey. This list does not include the many partners he has worked with through the years. These partners have played a huge role in completing the following works.

* * Early work

Titles published by various British and American publishers include:
Toxic! #30-31: “Aquarius: Promised Lands”
Malibu: Ozzy Osbourne: “The Comeback”
Pantera: “Power in the Darkness”

Caliber: Inferno #1-5 * collected as Inferno
Negative Burn #49: “Suicide Kings”
Dr. Faustus

* * Works published in the British science fiction-oriented comic 2000 AD include:

Pulp Sci-fi: “Eggs is Eggs”
“Doin’ Time”
Tharg’s Future Shocks: “Inside Job”
“Right Back at Ya”

Carver Hale * collected as CH: Twisting the Knife
Thirteen * collected as Th1rt3en

* * Marvel Comics include:

Ultimate Elektra: Devil’s Due #1-5 * collected as UE-DD Spellbinders #1-6 * collected as Spellbinders: Signs and Wonders
Fantastic Four: Ultimate Fantastic Four: Volume 2 * includes: “Think Tank”

Volume 4 * collects: Ultimate X4 #1-2
“God War”

Volume 5 * collects: “Silver Surfer”
“Four Cubed”

Volume 6 * includes: “Salem’s Seven”

Fantastic Four: The Movie
Marvel Holiday Special: “Christmas Day in Manhattan”
“A is for Annihilus”
“The Meaning of Christmas”

What If?.. featuring FF * collected in What If: Mirror Mirror

X-Men: X-Men * collected as: Supernovas
Blinded by the Light
Endangered Species * includes: X-Men: Endangered Species
“Chapter 1”
“Chapter 2”
“Chapter 3”
“Chapter 6”
“Chapter 7”
“Chapter 12”
“Chapter 13”
“Chapters 16 and 17”

Messiah Complex
Wolverine: Firebreak * collected in Wolverine: Dangerous Games
X-Men: Divided We Stand * includes: “Danger Room”
“Lights Out”
X-Men: Legacy * collected as: Divided He Stands
Sins of the Father
Original Sin
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia
Second Coming
Age of X
Lost Legions
Five Miles South of the Universe
X-Men: Manifest Destiny
includes: “Pixies and Demons”
“Kill or Cure”
Secret Invasion: X-Men #1-4 * collected in SI: X-men
X-Men Origins * includes: Beast
Ultimate Vision #1-5 * collected as Ultimate Vision
Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night: “Smalltown Girl” * collected in LoM
Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?: “Agent Brand: In Plain Sight”
Ender’s Shadow * collected as: Battle School
Command School
Ultimate Collection
The Torch #1-8 * collected as The Torch
Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way! #2: “Butterfly Blade”
The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange: “Duel in the Dark Dimension”
Thor: Wolves of the North
Sigil #1-4 * collected as Sigil: Out of Time

* * DC Comics / Vertigo:
Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway * includes: The Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1-3
“A Six-Card Spread”
“Born with the Dead”

Children and Monsters * collects: “The House of Windowless Rooms”
“Children & Monsters”
A Dalliance with the Damned * collects: “Triptych”
“A Dalliance with the Damned”
“The Thunder Sermon”

The Divine Comedy * collects: “Paradiso”
“The Writing on the Wall”
“Breaking & Entering”

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