Mike Carey


Works II

Professor Howard James prepared this incomplete list of the works of Mike Carey from the records held by the university library as a service to students doing research on this author. Dr. James is a member of the English Inteligensia and a reviewer for BlingBling. His recent reviews include a jewelry feature on the history of sterling silver and other precious metals used in fashion applications. Online sterling silver rings are also reviewed from one of his favorite retailers. English Inteligensia is a small group of intellectuals who write lighthearted posts on matters of pretense and mischief. He is the creative inspiration for their often ridiculously informal analysis and ridicule of modern life.

The following is a continued list of the works of Mike Carey. This list does not include the many partners he has worked with through the years. These partners have played a huge role in completing the following works.

Inferno * collects: “Inferno”
“Bearing Gifts”
“Come to Judgment”

Mansions of the Silence * collects: “Naglfar”
“Sisters of Mercy”

Exodus * collects: “Brothers in Arms”
“Stitchglass Slide, Part 1: The Weaving”
“Wire, Briar, Limber Lock, Part 1: The Winnowing”
“Stitchglass Slide, Part 2: The War”
“Wire, Briar, Limber Lock, Part 2: The Widow”
The Wolf Beneath the Tree * collects: “Neutral Ground”
“The Wolf Beneath the Tree”
Crux * collects: “The Eighth Sin”
“The Yahweh Dance”
“The Breach”

Morningstar * collects: “The Wheels of God”
“Morningstar 1”
“The Beast Can’t Take Your Call Right Now”
“Morningstar 2”

Evensong * collects: “Fireside Tales”
“The Gaudium Option”
“All We Need of Hell”
Lucifer: Nirvana

The Sandman Presents: Petrefax #1-4
Flinch #16: “The Wedding Breakfast”
Hellblazer: 9-11 Volume 2: “Exposed”
Hellblazer: Red Sepulchre * collects: “High on Life”
“Red Sepulchre”

Black Flowers * collects: “The Game of Cat and Mouse”
“Black Flowers”
“Third Worlds”

Staring at the Wall * collects: “Bred in the Bone”
“Staring at the Wall”
Stations of the Cross * collects: “Ward 24”
“Out of Season”
“Stations of the Cross”
“Happy Families”

Reasons to be Cheerful * collects: “Event Horizon”
“Reasons to be Cheerful”
“Cross Purpose”

The Gift * collects: “Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go”
“The Gift”

“With a Little Help for my Friend”
Hellblazer: All His Engines

The Sandman Presents: The Furies
Batman: Batman: Gotham Knights #37: “Fear is the Key” Detective Comics #801-804: “The Barker: When You’re Strange”

My Faith in Frankie #1-4 * collected as My Faith in Frankie

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere #1-9 * collected as Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere
Crossing Midnight * collected as: Cut Here
A Map of Midnight
The Sword in the Soul
God Save the Queen
Faker #1-6 * collected as Faker
Confessions of a Blabbermouth
The Unwritten * collected as: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity
Inside Man
Dead Man’s Knock
On to Genesis

House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2: “Infernal Bargains: Just Say No!”

* * Other works

* * Novels
Felix Castor: The Devil You Know
Vicious Circle
Dead Men’s Boots
Thicker Than Water
The Naming of the Beasts

The Steel Seraglio

* * Short fiction and poetry
now! and then!
In Thule with Jessica

* * Other publishers

Titles published by various British and American publishers include:
9-11 Volume 1: “In the House of Light”
Dynamite: Red Sonja #0-6 * collected as RS: She-Devil with a Sword
Vampirella: Revelations #0-3 * collected as Vampirella: Revelations
Wetworks: Worldstorm * collected as: Volume 1
Volume 2
Virgin: Voodoo Child #1-6 * collected as Voodoo Child
The Stranded #1-5 * collected as The Stranded
Negative Burn #14: “Red Shift”
Thought Bubble Anthology: “The Timeless Genius of Leonardo”